Beautiful Tabby Cat

beautiful tabby cat

Above is another photo that I shot today. Again, I had a hard time to get close to the cat and I needed to press the shutter button fast. So, I had a bit of luck that I got this photo because this cat disappeared right after I shot the first photo. But I got a second chance later, which is why I have another photo for a future post. I am lucky how the photo turned out even if I had to crop the image heavily. It was a very agile cat and disappeared like a rocket (laugh). But then again, later I saw it a second time. I like this tabby cat, the fur pattern is very beautiful and the eyes too. What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Beautiful Tabby Cat

  1. It looks fearless. I like how it eyes you up – looking straight down your camera. I imagine it walked with an air of confidence too? 👌😊

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