Black Horse

I just realized that I have quite a few horse photos on my blog but not a single black horse. So, here it is. I found the black horse at the top in my photo library. This photo was also shot during my time in Reinfeld. Since it is a rural place, I saw quite a lot of horses there but I haven’t uploaded them all yet. I will slowly work on this because I always shoot more photos than I can upload in time. But I said this quite often and I think you photographers know the problem as … Continue reading Black Horse

Beautiful Tabby Cat

Above is another photo that I shot today. Again, I had a hard time to get close to the cat and I needed to press the shutter button fast. So, I had a bit of luck that I got this photo because this cat disappeared right after I shot the first photo. But I got a second chance later, which is why I have another photo for a future post. I am lucky how the photo turned out even if I had to crop the image heavily. It was a very agile cat and disappeared like a rocket (laugh). But … Continue reading Beautiful Tabby Cat


Here is an old photo I shot with a smartphone or maybe with my older point and shoot camera. I browsed through my older library and wanted to upload the photo. I think I shot a whole set of photos that day back then, which means it might be that I showed already similar photos on my blog once. Everyone knows it, but if you are new to my blog, this is my beautiful cat Shyna. Today I’ve been a bit depressed, but when you come home and you see your cat, you’re getting into a happy mood again. Continue reading Beauty

Dark Horse

I do always take photos of horses if I see some. They are beautiful, like all animals. To be honest, if I would win the lottery, I would probably get myself a horse too. When I hike through small forest areas, I often see people riding their horses through the forest. This must be relaxing. Talking about the photo again, I am wondering if it is normal that you can see the rips of the horse. I am no horse expert. Is the horse ill or is it just a very skinny horse? I still think the horse is very … Continue reading Dark Horse