Fallow Deer

As I said often, I am also interested to upload my old photos that I shot a long time ago before I even owned a DSLR camera. At the top is a photo that I shot in 2012, how time flies. I am pretty sure I shot this photo with my old Medion Point-and-Shoot camera back then. The photo was shot in Mölln, a very beautiful place here in the North of Germany. I hope you like the photo. In my opinion it’s an example that you can also take interesting photos with cheap equipment, and that it’s more about … Continue reading Fallow Deer

Two Friends

I found the horse photo above in my library and liked it without editing. That means I did not change anything and just uploaded it to this post here. I called the post “Two Friends” because it looks like they both have a good time. I found them on a farm during one of my hikes months ago. I always like to take pictures of horses and if you do like them too, you might want to check out my growing horse photo collection. Continue reading Two Friends

Charlie Is Very Photogenic

My mother has a cute dog, and it’s fun to take pictures with him. First of all because Charlie is very photogenic, and apart from that he loves attention and that’s what he always gets. He is a bit selfish to be honest, he always thinks everyone should pay attention to him, but that is so cute. When I visit my mother, I do have to pet her dog for at least 15 minutes, because he is really asking for it. A while ago, my mother got the dog from a family and it was said they didn’t have time … Continue reading Charlie Is Very Photogenic

Beautiful White Horse

As promises, my horse category on the blog is starting to fill up. I like horse, they are so peaceful and beautiful to watch, and they make great photo subjects. The photo in this post was shot on the same day when I took this horse portrait. Every horse is beautiful, but white horses really look majestic. I remember that princesses in medieval movies often were on a white horse, I know it’s a cliché, but that’s how it often is in movies. That’s maybe why I associate the horse in the photo with a horse of a princess. I … Continue reading Beautiful White Horse