Charlie Is Very Photogenic


My mother has a cute dog, and it’s fun to take pictures with him. First of all because Charlie is very photogenic, and apart from that he loves attention and that’s what he always gets. He is a bit selfish to be honest, he always thinks everyone should pay attention to him, but that is so cute. When I visit my mother, I do have to pet her dog for at least 15 minutes, because he is really asking for it.

A while ago, my mother got the dog from a family and it was said they didn’t have time for the dog anymore. Our theory is that they did let him alone most of the time, because he is extremely attached to us. Another theory we had, was that he might have had a couple of different owners before he came to my mother. I know, dogs are always attached to us humans, but in his case it’s very different, he is very different compared to other dogs, but it got better over time.

Talking about photography again, it’s extremely easy to take photos of him, because as said, he likes attention and he will do a lot of things to get your attention. This makes it easy for the photography part, because he is a true energy bundle. But as in the photo of this post, it also happens that he get tired, in this case you can take cute portraits of him. The photo is a bit blurry because it was evening and I had the wrong shutter speed set, but the image is still good I think.

4 thoughts on “Charlie Is Very Photogenic

  1. Charlie is a very photogenic little dog. As he has had at least one previous owner it’s possible that is the reason he craves attention but it could just be his personality anyway. Cindy has been with me since she was a puppy but she always wants attention too. I do think she has become more needy since David has been gone as he always cuddled her and let her get on his lap and he was the one who was home a lot. She is left alone more now so when I am home she wants petting a lot.

    1. I think I made a similar experience with Shyna and she became more needy too for a reason. Back then when my depression and anxiety disease was still severe, I almost never left the apartment, the maximum was to get money from the bank or to go buying food. As you know, today it’s very different, I still have my bad phases but overall I am really fine and I am much outside again. I got Shyna when my depression and anxiety started, I was a bit selfish and thought a pet would help me and my mood, that turned out to be true. But to get to the point I want to make, if you see it from Shyna’s perspective, there was this human around her 24/7 but later that was not the case anymore after my situations improved.

      Later when I came home after several hours, the first thing that happened was that Shyna showed with a frustrated meow that she was not happy at all about the fact that I left the apartment for several hours. After that she usually calmed down, she followed me everywhere or besieged the place where I sat 😀 After she got enough attention, she then stopped the siege and did her own thing 🙂 I think she was not used to these changes, but over time she got used to the new situation. I can see why your Cindy is more needy now, since David has been gone, that was a big change for Cindy too. I think when something changes drastically, pets develop fears of loss too. Shyna probably feared back then that I would leave her alone forever when I started to go out more often again, that’s what I thought after my neighbor told me that she terrorised everyone with very long and loud meows.

      1. I expect it was a big change for Shyna as you had always been with her before but luckily she has adapted. Cindy is older so it is hard for her. She was nine when David went to hospital for the last time. She has adjusted and barks a bit when someone comes to pick me up or the bus comes but then goes to sleep for most of the day i think. The only time Polly has seemed really stressed was when I came back from holidays and she had been left alone in the house for two weeks. A friend came every day to feed her but Polly does not like strangers so she hides. When I arrived home and she saw me I heard that frustrated meow and she would not leave me alone all evening.

        1. Polly is like Shyna… she doesn’t like strangers either and will hide as well if someone new enters my apartment. It takes time until Shyna trusts someone she doesn’t know 🙂

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