Love Lock


I found a tower here on my hike through Bad Schwartau. I went up there and had a nice view, but then I found all the love locks attached to the railings. I never understood this trend, but as I have difficulties to find interesting photo subjects, the love locks at least made me press the shutter button. It was also a good small object to test my 50mm lens. I like to work with this lens, because it makes me more active as I can’t zoom with it. I like to use this lens for portraits, but I do also start to like taking pictures of different objects with it.

2 thoughts on “Love Lock

  1. Never seen that before. Interesting. At least it’s not some weird version of Pokemon.

    I need some advice about games and VR headsets. I don’t know much about this end of high technology, but obviously YOU do 🙂

    1. It started a few years ago, couple place locks on bridge railings, it’s symbolic but makes me wonder what they do if the relation does end 😀

      I don’t use VR headsets but I have read a bit about Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. I don’t think that I am a big help when it comes to VR headsets since I don’t own or use them.
      There is a bigger chance that I can help you with a question related to PC games. Let me know what you want to know and I see if I can answer your question 🙂

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