A Couple in Love


Above you can see a photo of a gingerbread heart, I shot the photo today on the Christmas market in our city. On the right side you can see one with the text “Ich liebe Dich”, that means “I love you” in English. On the left side you see one with the text “Gib nicht auf” which means “Don’t give up”. But I don’t want to talk about this photo too much, I just thought it would fit to what I want to write next…

Two strangers approached me today, it was a couple and they asked me if I could take a photo of them. I had my camera around my shoulder and I thought they asked me to use my camera, but then I saw that the guy showed me his smartphone. I said “No problem, I can do that!” and since I am already a bit interested in portrait photography, I continued impulsively and said “If you like, I could take the shot with my camera and lens and email you the result.” but they preferred that I would use their smartphone. I am not mad at them, they were very friendly to me and I took the photo with their phone.

Not only did I like this interaction with two strangers, I also was quite surprised about myself that I would confront them with the fact that I could also take the photo with my camera. The thing is, previously I couldn’t have imagined to say something like this, but the more I use my camera and lenses, the more I get confident. As said, I am not mad at them, but since I had my 50mm lens attached to the camera, and considering that we had a very clean and nice looking background, they definitely skipped a perfect couple portrait.

The couple looked great, and I know how to take photos with a smartphone, as this is what I have done most of the time when I started my blog back then, but then again, the results would have been way better with a DSLR and a lens that is capable of producing a nice looking bokeh. But I understand them, you just don’t let a complete stranger take a photo with his own camera, and let him go home without knowing what he will do with the photo. On the other side I found it already brave that they wanted me to take the photo with their smartphone, I am not sure if I would give a complete stranger my phone in the hands. They did at least trust me a bit (laugh).

I can tell you, I like some of the interactions that you have if you go outside with your camera. Not every interaction is fun, because as mentioned in many of my other blog posts, sometimes you also have to deal with complaining people. But most of the time, you meet interesting people. I like that! The couple I talked about thanked me, and they wished me happy Christmas days, I wished them the same.

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