Good Day

I had sleep problems over the last weeks, that sometimes still happens but last night I slept very well. That means I woke up with much power and happiness. It’s a Sunday and I wanted to start the day slow but when I booted up the PC, I noticed the date and it came into my mind that it is election day. I am talking about the elections to the city-state parliament of Lübeck. So, I looked for the polling paper and found it near the TV. After breakfast and shower, I shut the PC down and went outside to … Continue reading Good Day

A Couple in Love

Above you can see a photo of a gingerbread heart, I shot the photo today on the Christmas market in our city. On the right side you can see one with the text “Ich liebe Dich”, that means “I love you” in English. On the left side you see one with the text “Gib nicht auf” which means “Don’t give up”. But I don’t want to talk about this photo too much, I just thought it would fit to what I want to write next… Two strangers approached me today, it was a couple and they asked me if I … Continue reading A Couple in Love

The Calmness In A Small Town

This is another post of the category advantages of a small town, and about myself. When I am in a bigger city, for example in my home town, I would never ever eat my breakfast in a bakery or coffee shop, I usually prefer to have my breakfast at home, and if that is not possible, I would rather eat my breakfast on my way. I don’t suffer from claustrophobia, but to be honest, the term is still perfect to explain the feelings I get if I am in a totally crowded room. That is however much different in the … Continue reading The Calmness In A Small Town

Love’s Bliss in Lübeck… A Good Place for the Wedding?

I had some appointments in the historic district of Lübeck today. The last few days were already like autumn but today it was pretty hot again. It´s a pretty warm day for a september day. I think it´s the last protest of the sun for this year. But as you can see on the photo above, some people had much luck with the weather. I would say great weather for a marriage or? As said, the photo is taken in Lübeck and there is the Trave River on the photo. The people on the wedding behind the river are strangers … Continue reading Love’s Bliss in Lübeck… A Good Place for the Wedding?

My first rant Blogpost :) Sissies are the main Problem in Multiplayer Games!

It´s some Time ago when I did write about one of my main Hobbys… the Gaming. So here is some rant about this Topic. 🙂 One of the main Reasons why I really dislike to join Multiplayer Games in Total War, is the fact that there are to many People hosting a Game, who don’t really search for a Challenge. What I mean is that they dont really look for complex Battles. It often starts so that you join a Host and the first thing you read is “Here are the rules… no Artillery and Cavalry!” for example. Huh? Do … Continue reading My first rant Blogpost 🙂 Sissies are the main Problem in Multiplayer Games!