My first rant Blogpost :) Sissies are the main Problem in Multiplayer Games!

It´s some Time ago when I did write about one of my main Hobbys… the Gaming. So here is some rant about this Topic. 🙂

One of the main Reasons why I really dislike to join Multiplayer Games in Total War, is the fact that there are to many People hosting a Game, who don’t really search for a Challenge. What I mean is that they dont really look for complex Battles.

It often starts so that you join a Host and the first thing you read is “Here are the rules… no Artillery and Cavalry!” for example. Huh? Do you know what I think about these Gimps? They want it easy as possible. They don’t want a Challenge. Want they want is a balanced Infantry vs. Infantry Battle.

The great Thing of Games like Total War is that you get an Amount of Money which you can spend on different Units. Indeed.. that makes the first Step into the Battle already difficult because you need to think careful about what kind of Units you will bring on the Battlefield. I am not sure if this is a Factor which can make a Match unbalanced. I rather think that it is great because you really need to make a Master Plan. In old Ages, the Army also couldn´t estimate what kind of Enemy Troops they will meet on the Battlefield. So why not create your own Plan in the Game?

A complete Game Feature and the Complexity is chopped if you set Rules like “Dont buy Artillery and Cavalry”. See this Blogpost as ranting…
I really dislike those Gimps who don’t want to enjoy a Game with it´s full Features and Units. Not that this is a Total War Phenomena only.
It is something I see everywhere in the modern Games today. There are not much People who seek a Challenge today. They set their Rules how they like it and thats it. You have to accept it.

It´s Game braking. Simply Game braking if you see those Gimps to often all over the Internet in Multiplayer Games. I am pretty lucky that I still have People in my Clique who really take a Game as it is. We don’t need any Rules. You can shoot Nukes in the Game called Supreme Ruler? Dont worry.. we probably will use them against you, if we researched the Technology. We can buy Artillery and Cavalry in a Total War Game and you just want to play Infantry? Well.. better look for other enemy’s then, because we will bombard you with Artillery and run around you with a Cavalry anyway because we give a shit about any Rules.

So, I usually not give a flying fuck about these Gimps and Sissies who need Rules in Games which are already perfectly designed for balanced Multiplayer Enjoyment. It´s just so that if my Friends are not at Home and ready for a Game, then I need to find “Random Servers” with Strangers and then I notice the mentioned Phenomena of all these Sissies who need Rules. It´s horrible.

It´s not really a Thing about Total and Supreme Ruler only. There are People in the Game Forum of Europa Universalis 3, Victoria 2 or Hearts of Iron 3 who meet each other for a Game with Tons of predetermined Rules that it gets hard to not doing anything wrong while the Game with them is running. Otherwise they kick you out of the Game. I just did mention some Games now. But you can see this everywhere…

Back in the past…

I experienced already Tons of Servers in the Battlefield Series for example where People write on their Server loading Screen that you don’t have to use this or that Weapon, that you don’t have to invade a Main Base, that you don’t should use a Sniper Weapon or touching any Aircrafts and so on.. that you should not use C4 or APM´s and so. Why? This is all Stuff which the Developers wanted to be in the Game! Why not using it? Hey! It´s a Game! I always thought that those who write that you should not use any Sniper Weapon are those who did get to many Head Shots in Game and now hate that Weapon so that they need these Rules… otherwise they would flame all around.

So, playing with Strangers is a real Hell. It´s often really better to wait til the Friends come online. That´s the best.

I came up with the Idea to rant a little bit here because I never did rant here on my Blog and I do think I should do it more often. And because I joined a few Empire Total War Multiplayer Matches earlier Today. I stopped playing because all these Rules the Hosts came up with in the Chat. It´s either better to Host your own Game without bother the People with any Rules in the Chat, start playing Single Player or simply wait til Friends come online. Everything else is not really funny. I don’t see fun if every Server is hosted by a Multiplayer Sissie. Really.

Enough ranting at this Point. 🙂

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