Battlefield 4 Trailer with Gameplay Scenes published…

EA revealed the first official footage of Battlefield 4 as a Video on YouTube. It´s a 17 minutes clip from the game’s campaign:

I did wonder about the music they choosed. You can hear “Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart” at the beginning of the video. What is your opinion about the video?

8 thoughts on “Battlefield 4 Trailer with Gameplay Scenes published…

  1. To be completely honest, it looks good, but not mind blowing as I had hoped it to be. However I got impressed with the facial expression and the faces on the characters looks brilliant. The graphics seems a bit “clearer”, but that’s pretty much it.

    I won’t say I’m disappointed, because it looks like a game I’m going to buy, yet I wasn’t as impressed as I’d hoped I would be.

    1. Yea the facial expression and faces of the characters really look cool. I agree with you about the rest. It looks like just a slightly improved Frostbite 2 engine. But this is what many already expected.
      But for me the gameplay is often more important then the graphics…

      Which means I could imagine to buy the game too but there are simply not enough facts out there yet. I really hope for very huge multiplayer maps like in BF2 and for a good flag spreading on the map so that the whole map gets involved like it was in BF2. I disliked it that the flags were just in the middle of most BF3 maps while the corners were not involved in the battle. I hope for an open beta access not only for error seeking but also as a demo reason. It´s sadly the only way you can check out games earlier today and to make decisions if to buy or not.

      1. I’m with you. Gameplay is far more important that graphics. I want some juicy new features to be added to make it worth the purchase. I don’t want to buy just a improved Battlefield 3, I want a whole new game. But maybe that’s asking a bit much, I don’t know.

        I loved Battlefield 3. Especially the original maps and the Closer Quarter maps, those were brillant. It showed that Battlefield can work well even in tight spaces, just like in COD.

        I haven’t really thought about how the flags were positioned on the maps. I thought it worked well.

        I do believe they will release an open beta. They did so with BF3, so I don’t see a reason why they should not.

        1. Yea I do think too we don´t have to worry about the beta. There will be one for sure. This is usually the server stress-test and theirfor we probably can test the stuff.

          One thing is sure.. there are differend tastes and publishers do have problems to please everybody. I often see it when I talk with my friends… there are several differend demands to games. Me for example loves huge battle maps, other friends of me prefer the cod style closed combat or urban fight… but I do think everything will be ok and everybody might be happy if they just put it all in their game.

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