“Total War: Rome 2” a sequel of “Rome: Total War”!

Great News for all the Fans of the Total War Game Series! Looks like “Total War: Rome 2” a Sequel of the good old “Rome: Total War” will maybe announced soon! There is a Teaser Image for the next issue of PC PowerPlay and it is a picture of “Rome: Total War” that suggests “Total War: Rome 2” is in development. I did read that today in a german Games Magazin called 4Players.

Update: The game is already released and you can get a Steam key on GamersGate. Or check out the system requirements of Rome 2.

If this is true, you maybe think “Why don’t they call it “Rome: Total War 2” instead of “Total War: Rome 2”? Yea… the first title was called “Rome: Total War” but lately “The Creative Assembly” started putting Total War at the front of their Titles. The Sequel of Shogun for example, is called “Total War: Shogun 2“.

So stay tuned Total War Fans! If this comes true, then we all will have a lot of fun with “Total War: Rome 2” soon!

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