Ministry of Truth

It would be amusing if that wouldn’t be so serious. Our German government plans to create a center to fight “disinformation” online ahead of next year’s elections. Looks like our government is scared shitless that they might not be re-elected. If they can’t control citizens anymore with their propaganda TV channels and radio stations thanks to the internet, they now have to change the strategy and go one step further. Now they want to control information’s in the web or on social media channels. I always said it, and I stick with it, the real extremists do already govern our … Continue reading Ministry of Truth

Counter-Terror Operation in Reinfeld, One Suspect Arrested In The Refugee Centre.

My mother called me yesterday and told me that I should read the local news paper. English news websites covered it already too, but here is the local article in case you can read German. What happened? Well, the German police (Bundespolizei, Landespolizei and BKA) executed an anti-terror raid in three towns, and three Syrian men have been arrested. They raided regugee centres in Großhansdorf, Ahrensburg and Reinfeld in the state of Schleswig-Holstein and in Niedersachsen. It wouldn’t be a surprise, since our chancellor opened the flood gates last year so that over a million unknown refugees and asylum seekers … Continue reading Counter-Terror Operation in Reinfeld, One Suspect Arrested In The Refugee Centre.

You Can Now Directly Upload Images To Reddit

This here is an interesting news for Reddit users. Reddit started to experiment with image hosting a while ago, it was possible to upload images in some subreddit communities. Today they announced that the feature will now be expanded to all other safe for work communities due to the fact that there is high demand. So, since today the feature is fully integrated in all other communities that are safe for work. Starting today you will be able to upload images of up to 20 MB or gif files of up to 100 MB. Check this link to see how … Continue reading You Can Now Directly Upload Images To Reddit

Actor And Comedian Robin Williams Died

This is now a very sad story as Robin Williams was one of the actors who did accompany in my teenage and made me laugh with his kind of humor in many beautiful movies. It´s sad but Robin Williams has died at 63 according to a statement from an assistant chief deputy coroner of Marin County. He was found unconscious at his home at around noon PDT this August 11, 2014. They suspects the cause of death to be a suicide due to asphyxia, but they mention that a comprehensive investigation will be completed until they can make a final … Continue reading Actor And Comedian Robin Williams Died

The State Of The Gaming Industry

There is one thing I have noticed in the last months, after reading through the big gaming online magazines. There are not much news at least not so much news than back at the time. There are also less articles about new games but one frequency has increased… articles about games like the Goat Simulator or about Flappy Bird and it´s creator or other nonsense. Why I write this? I thought it´s the perfect reflection of the condition of the gaming industry. This industry is dead and if not, this industry is short before imploding. It´s a nice portrait of … Continue reading The State Of The Gaming Industry