They found a dead Dog in our City and this Case did shock us Citizens pretty much

Everyday I read or hear more or less schocking stuff in the News but this time it was extremely shocking for us all.

In a local Online News Platform I did read that they found a dead Dog in the River in our City. The thing is they did found the Dog tied to a Sisalline which was also tied to a Granit Stone (Paving Block). I just can say it again. It was shocking! The News alone was already shocking enough but the News Magazin did also show the Photo of the dead Dog which was a Doberman.

There was indeed a lot of Controversy in the Comment Section of the News Website because the Photo but the Staff of the Website wrote that this had to be shown and that it was agreed with the local Police Agency because they hope to get Informations on this Way, from Citizens which might have noticed anything in their Surroundings.

Sure. Maybe someone might know People who had a Doberman and then overnight not any longer. To get these People who done that, the Photo indeed had to be shown even it was not a good Viewing. There is still no new Information about that Case but I just hope that the Police gets enough Details to arrest the Animal Abuser.

I could give you the link to the german local News with the Photo but I really wont do that as I want to spare you this.

I am just sad that some Humans are able and willing to do something like this. To be true.. I really feel hate for those People who killed the Dog.
The News went around on Facebook as well and everybody was so much shocked. I just hope that it will be a help that the News Website and differend People on Facebook shared this Case. I really hope that this News which went Viral will have a Sense.

This Case made a lot of People here thoughtful and sad. What must be wrong with People who dispose a Dog like Waste? I hope this Dog will never get out of their Dreams! But I even more hope that the Police will get them caught.

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