Spam Comments in the WordPress Dashboard… Akismet works pretty great!

Today I was bored and thought I browse in the dashboard of my blog. I also browsed the section where you can find the comments which wasn´t approved by the comment spam filter called Akismet. If you host your blog for free on then you anyway have the tool installed. I am not sure how it is if you have hosted and installed WordPress on your own webserver.
I guess you must install the tool then. I didn´t research and I also didn´t notice the Tool when I installed the WordPress CMS on my uncle’s webserver. But let me come to the point of the blog post…

Akismet works amazingly good! I had 133 Comments flagged as spam by Akismet and as I was bored, I though I read them all and manually approve them if necessary.
However, I noticed every of the 133 Comments definitely looked like spam. Comments that mostly want to advertise any crap. Indeed filled with tons of backlinks to the commentators website. After reading through the list of not approved comments I then decided they are all shit but I had to laugh a lot.

Conclusion. Akismet is a superior tool for bloggers. If you don’t have this tool installed on your blog because your hosting on your own webspace and because you installed your own CMS… I just can suggest this great plug-in. I will take a look if it´s installed on my uncles website and if not, then I will do install it for him as I manage his website. I think it´s a must have plug-in.


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