Hilarious Spam Comment Examples Part 2

It´s some time ago when I introduced my series of Hilarious Spam Comment Examples. However, I just did start with one example at that time and didn´t go on with the series. One of the reasons is, because Akisment works very well and puts most of the spam comments into the spam folder. But I do also manually approve all comments and sometimes I still find spam. So, lets take another example…

Another Example of Hilarious Comment Spam

Above you can see a comment that got my attention. The person or bot did try to place this comment on one of my Luebeck articles. It was clear after reading the first sentence, that this comment would be spam, considering that it was totally unrelated to my article and a very strange comment. However, this comment was at least very funny and made me laugh.

One of the reasons why Akismet does not work for every spam comment, is that we website owners and bloggers need to flag strange spam comments. After a time, Akismet will remind and learn what spam is. Sure, if there are comments with fresh URL´s and a fresh email address that never has been used to spam any blogs, Akismet won´t find out that it is a spam comment, even if it is spam. That is basically why I preach so often that it is better to approve comments manually, nevermind if Akismet sorts out most of the spam, but it does not work always and that is the point why you should manually check out all comments.

As said, the good thing is that spam comments can be very entertaining sometimes. The example I posted here, is one of the very entertaining comments. Not only that the storyline of the comment is hilarious, no, the comment raised also the question how stupid the person must be that did think out this kind of comment. The chance that any blogger or webmaster would let such a comment go through is probably zero. It doesn´t even matter if the person tried to manually place to comment or if it was a bot. Someone did feed the bot with this kind of nonsense. What you see here is amateur spam and the person which did think out that crap should consider to leave the internet and throw the computer out of the window. Even thought the creator of the comment has potential to create internet related jokes or not?

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