The Gaming Industry And The Wrong Direction

Some of you know already that I really dislike the route that game developers go today. I mentioned it already a few times on my blog. And I am not really interested to keep my mouth shut, especially not if something did upset me. I try to hold a decent level on my blog but I also do not have problem to label crap things simply crap things. Today I will do that.

One of the very modern crap things seen from old-school gamer point of view, are micro transactions and games that are solely developed to milk the cow until there is no milk anymore. In other words, I would pay a price for a game as long as the game offers hundreds of hours gameplay fun. But no, I don´t want to be constantly reminded that there are any virtual things in the game that I could buy. I would even buy expansions with additional money if they add something cool to the gameplay but I simply dislike it if the whole game is based on senseless virtual things or upgrades that I could buy.

This is a horrible trend but fits very well to our time of hardcore capitalism. At the moment it looks like if game publishers would get pretty horny if they think about new ways to earn even more money. But it also might be the investors behind them. It seems as if they can´t get enough. That is the point. It is always funny to hear that they do blame anyone that their games didn´t sell well and that they do want to go the free-to-play route. In fact it´s the shitty quality of their past games that lead to less sales or less users, that is something they must understand. It´s the fact that the games aren´t about fun anymore, some games are annoying and I do say this as someone who really loved to play games. I know a lot of people who even think that they wouldn´t touch certain games if they would be free. Shouldn´t this be embarrassing for the developers and publishers of that particular game?

Today, in most cases the games contain a scrawly piece of broken source code and nothing else and if those games won´t sell, it´s their fault. But then they usually come up with sequels of any big game names and make them free-to-play, though pay-to-win would fit better as a term. That are the modern games, solely developed to graze portemonnaies. How can they think that this is the right direction? This trend is killing the gaming industry. The are certain new business models in the gaming industry and if you would have mentioned them a decade ago, people would have asked you if there is something wrong with you. But publishers did indoctrinate a whole new generations of kids.

Have you ever noticed that people try to defend the big developers and their new business models? The reason why they defend them is, as they got taught by the industry. Yes, call them stupid or fanboys but it is a very logical consequence that had to happen over time. As a developer you only need to repeat something often enough and some day most of the people will believe you. Especially if you have gaming magazines on your side. Have you ever noticed that crap games get high rating from very well gaming magazines and there is nearly to zero critic about bad business models? You ask why? Because it is a co-existence. They can only survive together. What do you mean would happen if a certain magazine would give a certain game low ratings? I tell you what would happen. The magazine wouldn´t get early beta access for future games anymore. They wouldn´t be invited to publisher or developer interviews anymore, they wouldn´t get the first information’s anymore and so on. It is a mutual business. Sure, there might be independent magazines but you probably need to search them.

No let me get to my point. The modern gaming industry is self-destructive. The results are crap games and shitty business models. It´s not about fun anymore, it´s solely about profit maximization. Investors lead this industry now. It´s not about games and fun anymore, it´s about profits, profit and profit. That is my opinion.

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