War-torn Memory Module And Chatter About PC Upgrades

Yesterday I took one of my dusty and war-torn RAM sticks out of my PC system. I knew I would have Corsair RAM in the system, and I was pretty sure that it would be 1600 Mhz RAM but I wanted to know what type of latency the RAM would have, and the exact manufacturer’s designation. I laughed when I pulled one stick out of the system, because I realized that it would be quite difficult to put the stick back in. Mainly, because a large system fan was very close to the slot. And the CPU cooler takes a … Continue reading War-torn Memory Module And Chatter About PC Upgrades

The State Of The Gaming Industry

There is one thing I have noticed in the last months, after reading through the big gaming online magazines. There are not much news at least not so much news than back at the time. There are also less articles about new games but one frequency has increased… articles about games like the Goat Simulator or about Flappy Bird and it´s creator or other nonsense. Why I write this? I thought it´s the perfect reflection of the condition of the gaming industry. This industry is dead and if not, this industry is short before imploding. It´s a nice portrait of … Continue reading The State Of The Gaming Industry

The Gaming Industry And The Wrong Direction

Some of you know already that I really dislike the route that game developers go today. I mentioned it already a few times on my blog. And I am not really interested to keep my mouth shut, especially not if something did upset me. I try to hold a decent level on my blog but I also do not have problem to label crap things simply crap things. Today I will do that. One of the very modern crap things seen from old-school gamer point of view, are micro transactions and games that are solely developed to milk the cow … Continue reading The Gaming Industry And The Wrong Direction

Why Battlefield 4 Is Such a Messed Up Game

Most people already realized that Battlefield 4 is a completely messed up and broken game. But there are still those who say “Everything is just fine” but the big question is here how someone can refuse so many facts, I mean the reality? The first thing that comes to mind is that there is a lot of gaming experience needed to understand how games work, how games can and should be. It is also needed to be educated and interested in the subject. Apart from that it might need observation skills and logic to develop understanding. The lack of those … Continue reading Why Battlefield 4 Is Such a Messed Up Game