The State Of The Gaming Industry

There is one thing I have noticed in the last months, after reading through the big gaming online magazines. There are not much news at least not so much news than back at the time. There are also less articles about new games but one frequency has increased… articles about games like the Goat Simulator or about Flappy Bird and it´s creator or other nonsense.

Why I write this? I thought it´s the perfect reflection of the condition of the gaming industry. This industry is dead and if not, this industry is short before imploding. It´s a nice portrait of the actual state of the gaming industry. In short, there is not much new and there is not much worth to mention but there is a lot of nonsense and this nonsense gets into the focus, otherwise authors of the bigger magazines would not have much subjects to write about. I guess this is the reason why they constantly write about games like the Goat Simulator. It´s the perfect portrait of the actual state of this industry.

It seems that there are not much more interesting things than this Goat game. And to be honest, it is true. I remember times when there were top news and top new games each week. But this is the past. This industry is so much done that authors start to write about Goat Simulator games. Imagine this.

3 thoughts on “The State Of The Gaming Industry

  1. Or may be we played so much games. and explored the technology so faster and deeply that anything new doesn’t catch our attention. It may be because our expectations are growing much faster than the developers work 😛

    1. I wouldn´t disagree. This is for sure a good point too. If there wouldn´t be another problem… if there are new things that come out, the games are then just installed for a few weeks until people realize it´s a pile of buggy codelines that aren´t worth to play and this results in a deinstallation. Happened several times recently in my circle of friends (bf4 would be the best recent example).

      My conclusion…. people demand more new things because the latest games were crap in their opinion. 😀

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