Back To The Roots of This Blog

This article here is mainly addressed to the friendly people who stop by regularly to read my blog. But this article is also there to write some things down for myself. Some time ago I created another blog where I mainly wanted to write about technology and computer games related subjects. The reason was to try out niche blogging and to publish my future technology related articles there and not here anymore, because I thought too many subjects could confuse my readers. I noticed pretty soon that it isn´t my thing to manage more than more blog at once. I … Continue reading Back To The Roots of This Blog

The State Of The Gaming Industry

There is one thing I have noticed in the last months, after reading through the big gaming online magazines. There are not much news at least not so much news than back at the time. There are also less articles about new games but one frequency has increased… articles about games like the Goat Simulator or about Flappy Bird and it´s creator or other nonsense. Why I write this? I thought it´s the perfect reflection of the condition of the gaming industry. This industry is dead and if not, this industry is short before imploding. It´s a nice portrait of … Continue reading The State Of The Gaming Industry

Probably Not A Maniac Phase

Almost everything can inspire me now, that´s what I noticed lately. What I mean, the more I write, the more inspired I get. I discover a lot of writing ideas lately. Is this a side-effect of long time blogging? Have you noticed the same? I mean blogging is really interesting and I still have a lot of energy to go on and I am not planning to stop but sometimes I am shocked where all the ideas come from. It´s like waking up with new ideas! When does this stop? Am I arrived in a maniac phase? I guess not,… … Continue reading Probably Not A Maniac Phase

Now it´s on my blog much easier to browse through the topics of your interest…

As I do not write in a particular niche and as my blog is about a variety of different topics, I am aware of the fact that some readers had problems to find topics of their own interest on my blog. But now I finished my new categories and menus in the header and logo area. They will hopefully help my readers to browse through the topics they love to read about. There is not at least a structure and the possibility to browse through one particular subject area. Continue reading Now it´s on my blog much easier to browse through the topics of your interest…