Blogging Rules are meant to be broken.

I noticed I have broken nearly every blogging rule I ever did read about. Yes. I´ve seen blogs which wrote about these Blogging Rules.

Stuff like…

– Good bloggers post every day… I broke this rule. Why? I only want to write if I feel to do so. Only if I mean I come up with an interesting topic.

– Good bloggers keep posts short… I often broke this rule. Why? I am not exactly sure. I write so much I have to tell.

– Good bloggers set their own goals and have a schedule… Really? Then I probably broke this Rule. Why? I am to lazy for a master plan and I don’t want to have a schedule.

– Good bloggers always write in niche topics… I broke this rule. Why? I have many interests and I don’t want to write in additional blogs for each of them.

– Good bloggers take care about spelling… I definitely broke this rule. Why? My native language is German and I still improve my English. I am sorry.

I guess there are so many more blogging rules I found over time that I can’t mention them all here. But I really think I broke most of them.


I do write for fun. I don’t expect anything. But if some people like my posts, then it makes me happy. I love to exchange ideas, communicating and meeting people from all around the world. I also love to read other blogs. Apart from this.. blogging helps me to learn and improve my English. To find new vocabulary and so on. All this is fun but not my job. How do you blog? Do you set your own rules? Or do you follow any blogging rules?


3 thoughts on “Blogging Rules are meant to be broken.

  1. Great post! And btw, I think your writing is great!
    I definitely don’t think that those rules are set in stone. If you write what you’re passionate about, in your own style, people will see it and feel it. If you try to do something that’s not you, people will also feel it and not in a good way.

    1. Hi Janice. Thanks for the compliment about the writing. What you said, is exactly how I do think. There are some nice rules or ideas for blogging but as you said they should not be set in stone. There must be influence of your personality in your blogposts.. I think people like that and everything else would be noticed by readers. I do agree a lot. 🙂

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