Euro 2012… Spain vs. France. It was boring.

Spain won versus France 2:0 in quarterfinal. It was a boring and not that esthetic Match in my Opinion. France was disappointing and I think the only Player who fighted was Franck Ribery. It seemed that he was the only one who defenetly wanted to change the Result. In the France Team Franck Ribery was the only Men fun to watch. Looks like France has to improve their Team. They seems to have much backlog demand.

But Spain did not play that impressive agains France as well. At least the last Match was not like usual. I pretty much love watching Spain but thistime it was somewhat boring. In my Opinion they both were not that impressive.

However. France is out of the Euro 2012 and Spain goes forward to play versus Portugal in semifinal on Wednesday.

It´s sunday now in Germany and this day will be interesting for us Germans. England is playing versus Italy in the evening. The Winner of the Match will be the opponent of Germany in Euro 2012 semifinal. Things get interesting this Evening. 🙂

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