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Just because the goals were so beautiful… All german goals in replay. (Germany vs. Greece)

I really had fun watching Germany vs. Greece yesterday evening. My Country Germany played with a lot of pass mistakes and so but anyway Germany was able to shoot a bunch of goals and in the end the result is counting. We won. You can´t imagine how it was here after each Goal. The whole City was shaking after each german Goal. People gone crazy. It was a massive Volume. I think Greece was an easy opponent for us and thats why Joachim „Jogi“ Löw our Couch did test some things out like playing another System and allow some Newbie´s to play a Role in this Game. In the Interview he later said it was time to “Test things out”. I say “Well done”. A pretty fun Soccer Match to watch. I am sorry for the greek People that they are out of the Tournament now. But it´s just a Game and I believe this kind of Sport is bring us all together nevermind who wins or loses. I was lucky that Greece and German Politics (European financial discussions and so..) were not a Topic yesterday. The Sport was in foreground. I´ve seen greek and german People dance together on the Street in the Neighborhood. They had fun and this is so cool.

Anyway I am indeed proud of the German National Team and therefor I must show all german Goals here. I found a YouTube Video with Replay of the Goals.

So next Match the Opponent will either be England or Italy. I believe that will be much more difficult to win for us Germans.. 🙂 But I think there is so much creativity and potential in the German Team that I now feel confident. I am already nosy who will win.. England or Italy? Let´s see.

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