Steam, Origin, GamersGate…. oh damn I am so confused! Where are my Games at?

I noticed I have purchased Games on every popular digital distribution platform like GamersGate, Steam and Origin. This is a real mess and I wish there would be just one digital distribution platform. But if there is a Price Drop on one of these platforms, I usualy scarf up on it if it´s a Game I defenetly want to own.

But sometimes I really dont know where I do have to download my Games.. I mean where I did purchase them. So that I always have to login in all of the three Accounts. That is really a big mess. Shame on Electronic Arts that they had to create there own digital distribution platform called Origin instead of publishing there Games on Steam. But well… that is Business. They all want there own “big thing” to distribute there stuff. It´s sad but thats how it is.

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