A beautiful Photo of Mushrooms in Thuringia Forest and more.

We took these two Photos in a Forest anywhere in Thuringia some time ago and today I found them in one of my Folders on the Computer. It´s strange that I did not post them earlier. I especially love the Photo of the Mushrooms on the Wood. Nature can be so interesting. The Nature is defenetly an Artist. Yea it´s defenetly Art.

As North Germans who live in the Federal State called Schleswig-Holstein, in a City called Lübeck near the Baltic Sea, it´s sometimes cool to travel southward. Fortunately we have Relatives there in Thuringia so that it is no Problem to stay for some Days and therefor we dont have much Costs.

This is so interesting because the Federal State Thuringia is so much differend to Schleswig Holstein.

While Schleswig Holstein is more Flat Country, Thuringia is more hilly but has also a flat basin. There is a lot of Forest, It´s a mixed Landscape and very varying.

Thuringia is in the middle of Germany and is bordering some other Federal States called Hesse, Bavaria, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt.

While we in Schleswig Holstein are surrounded by Water, I always say Thuringia is surrounded by Woods. The Forest there is pretty mystic and a calm Place. It is very exciting to wander there. It´s a Place where you can calm down because they have a lot of untouched Areas. A lot of Nature. I mean Areas which aren´t industrialized or populated much. Nature seems to be separated there and that is nice.

My Family which lives there could probably write an interesting Blogpost about the Federal State I live in. They come visit us too and it´s always fun to see how impressed they are about our Federal State while we are impressed by their State. It´s a cool exchange. The possibility to be anywhere else and that with low costs.

If I browse my Photo Folders on the Computer and if I find more Photos then I will upload them to my Blog. We usualy travel down there twice a Year and sometimes more often so that I maybe make new Photos in the Future.

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