Weekly Photo Challenge: Local

This week, the WordPress Photo Challenge asks us what “local” means to us. I find the theme for the challenge easy but interesting. I associate the word “local” with Lübeck, the town where I was born, the town I am grown up and the town where I still live after so many years. I do even associate the word with Schleswig-Holstein, the federal state where I live, but I thought the challenge would give me a reason to share a photo from Lübeck, even if you can already find many photos of this city on my blog. It’s definitely not … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Local

Stray Glaucous Gull

As almost everywhere near the coast, it’s also easy to find gulls near the German coast, for example herrings gulls. It’s however less likely that you will find a glaucous gull (Larus hyperboreus) here at the German coast, but that’s exactly what happened to me during a hike through the Schellbruch. I was wondering why the gull looked so different compared to other gulls and after researching I found out that it’s a less common gull. In other words, the habitat of this gull species is much further north in the subpolar zone and in the arctic polar region. But … Continue reading Stray Glaucous Gull

Frozen Time

The recent WordPress Photo Challenge is about time. It’s some time ago when I told my mother how to fill up a glass with Coca Cola, not only because I was thirsty, but also because I wanted to try to freeze the time with my camera, or in other words, I wanted to find out how fast my D7100 camera is. At that time I was a complete newbie to DSLR photography, and I took the photo in the program mode but the result is just fine. At that time I didn’t discover the shutter priority mode, or the manual … Continue reading Frozen Time

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

The motto of the recent weekly photo challenge is shadowed and as always we can interpret it as we like and we could for example experiment with shadows. I liked the idea and experimented a little bit. Some day when I did stand near the scratching post of my cat, I noticed how my cat did climb on me from there and liked the view, since then I sometimes let her go on my shoulders and for this photo challenge I did it again. I placed one of the lights so that it shines in the direction of my living … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

Hungry Ants

When I was in the garden, I accidentally lost a small piece of my pancake. It didn´t take much time until a whole army of ants came along to get something from the piece. Ants are pretty interesting creatures. I love their team spirit. You usually see just a few ants first but then they run back to call the whole team. I really like how they work together. I saw several documentaries about them and they are one of my favorite insects. But they are sadly too tiny to make perfect photos of them with my digital camera. But … Continue reading Hungry Ants

Daily Prompt: Land of Confusion

The Daily Prompt asks: “Which subject in school did you find impossible to master? Did math give you hives? Did English make you scream? Do tell!”. This is an interesting question. Even as a German, I´d say that German was at times complicated but not that I had problems to write or speak in German but I always had the feeling that you would need a master degree in Latin first to understand the latin terms which describes German grammar rules. They did attack us with so much Latin terms that I sometimes started to wonder if they want to … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Land of Confusion