Daily Prompt: Key Takeaway

This is my Daily Prompt mission for today: “Give your newer sisters and brothers-in-WordPress one piece of advice based on your experiences blogging”. Ok, let me start… I believe I learned a lot due to the fact that I did experiment on different blog projects. Even if I have been asked for just one piece of advice, I do write down more tips than just one now. 1. Perseverance and patience! Things won´t happen over night. Whether you are looking for incoming traffic (views), comments on your blog posts or any of your other wishes and targets. In fact, things … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Key Takeaway

A Domain Name for my Blog :)

Today I purchased a domain name in the wordpress.com store. I remember back when I started my first blogpost here and didn´t even know why I did. Looks like I just wanted to have a place where I can write down some future thoughts and it seems that I wanted to use the blog also to improve my english because I am german. But when I look back to the past months, it seems that I did write more then initially planed. I discovered not only blogging as a new interesting activity, I discovered photography as a new hobby and … Continue reading A Domain Name for my Blog 🙂

A beautiful Photo of Mushrooms in Thuringia Forest and more.

We took these two Photos in a Forest anywhere in Thuringia some time ago and today I found them in one of my Folders on the Computer. It´s strange that I did not post them earlier. I especially love the Photo of the Mushrooms on the Wood. Nature can be so interesting. The Nature is defenetly an Artist. Yea it´s defenetly Art. As North Germans who live in the Federal State called Schleswig-Holstein, in a City called Lübeck near the Baltic Sea, it´s sometimes cool to travel southward. Fortunately we have Relatives there in Thuringia so that it is no … Continue reading A beautiful Photo of Mushrooms in Thuringia Forest and more.

Blogging Rules are meant to be broken.

I noticed I have broken nearly every blogging rule I ever did read about. Yes. I´ve seen blogs which wrote about these Blogging Rules. Stuff like… – Good bloggers post every day… I broke this rule. Why? I only want to write if I feel to do so. Only if I mean I come up with an interesting topic. – Good bloggers keep posts short… I often broke this rule. Why? I am not exactly sure. I write so much I have to tell. – Good bloggers set their own goals and have a schedule… Really? Then I probably broke … Continue reading Blogging Rules are meant to be broken.