About Homelessness, Poverty And Social Welfare

Today I found a post of a fellow blogger. She was in Melbourne and walked under a bridge and found a bridge pylons where people obviously paid tribute to a person. There were gifts, flowers but also writings on the stone with the word “Mouse”. Please go and read her article. She researched later and found out that Mouse was a homeless man who got stabbed to death. What a sad end, being homeless and then stabbed to death. The homicide alone makes this story already sad but she brings up another good point, it’s terrible that we have homeless … Continue reading About Homelessness, Poverty And Social Welfare

Homeless Man Got 1000 Dollar With A Lottery Ticket

Some hours ago there popped a video up on YouTube but I found it on Reddit as the video climbed directly to the first place in the “Reddit charts”. That means this video gonna get a lot of attention. The video is about a guy who tells a homeless man, that he can´t donate any money but a winner lottery ticket, although he is not sure how much he won. But it´s a joke as the lottery ticket is not a winning ticket and the kiosk owner is involved in the prank. But look for yourself… Now, here the reason … Continue reading Homeless Man Got 1000 Dollar With A Lottery Ticket

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

The photo above is my contribution to the “Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern“. I took the photo in the St. Marien Church in Lübeck when my me and my mother walked through the Historic Downtown of Lübeck. The church is like most churches in Lübeck pretty huge. I am not so religious but anyway interested in culture and I count the churches of Lübeck to culture and that is why I still like to take photos of them. Because they show what kind of great brick gothic architecture, you can find in my city. Here are two more photos… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Discovery of Alien Life… What would happen?

Sometimes there are interesting coincidences. I read an article today in the morning on a bigger german technology related online magazine called Heise. They usually write about that computer and mobile phone kind of technology stuff but the article I read in the morning has been about extraterrestrial life (Another word for alien life) this time. I thought the Heise article was pretty interesting because I like that kind of topic. The article in fact did inspire me so much that I wanted to write about it too but laid the idea back for later because I felt too lazy … Continue reading Discovery of Alien Life… What would happen?

A Gift from Vietnam

The mailman did ring on the door few days ago. I got a mail from Vietnam and the postman looked on the mail and astonished said “Woow looks like it was three weeks underway!”. I just answered “Cool… I guess the mail comes from a friend in Vietnam”. As background I need to tell you that I have an active account on a penpal related website called InterPals. It´s a website where you can find penpals and new friends from all around the world, incase you are interested in cultural exchange. If so, I really can suggest this website. Some … Continue reading A Gift from Vietnam

Abstract acrylic Paintings and Arts of my Mother

I think my Mother found a new Hobby. She starts to paint very abstract Stuff on Canvas. I am happy that she found new Activities and told her that it is cool but that I dont have an Eye for abstract Arts and Paintings. But I am happy that she has fun exploring new Interests. I like it if People know how to have a fun Time. There is nothing more worse than, if you dont have any Hobbys or if you dont want to try out new Things. That´s why I think it´s great. Here are some Paintings she … Continue reading Abstract acrylic Paintings and Arts of my Mother