A Gift from Vietnam

The mailman did ring on the door few days ago. I got a mail from Vietnam and the postman looked on the mail and astonished said “Woow looks like it was three weeks underway!”. I just answered “Cool… I guess the mail comes from a friend in Vietnam”.

As background I need to tell you that I have an active account on a penpal related website called InterPals. It´s a website where you can find penpals and new friends from all around the world, incase you are interested in cultural exchange. If so, I really can suggest this website.

Some time ago I did find new friends there. One of them is from vietnam. We wrote a lot on the website over there but added each other on Facebook later which we use to communicate. However…

One day my new friend uploaded a photo on Facebook of a place in Vietnam and wrote “God I miss it. I will send a gift to whoever can give the correct answer for the location first.”.

Public Domain licenced Photo from Wikipedia of the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

I accepted this challenge because I am somewhat self-opinionated when it comes to researching anything via google. Because this is something I am very good in even if there aren´t much reference points on the topic I search for. Where my friends would give up to ask google, that´s the point where I get excited and look into it deeper.

So, I only had a photo of the mentioned place as indication and as a german I didn´t really know too much abot differend places in Vietnam. But I then first searched for differend Vietnam related Photos and familiarized with the topography of differend areas in Vietnam from south to north. Searching for holiday places was right too and I soon found out it was an area with a bay. Around the bay were vegetated hills and this made the search much easier. After more then a hour I found out it is the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in Vietnam and google picture search helped a lot to get the answer. I posted my answer on the mentioned photo on Facebook and my friend said “Well search. Congrats!” and asked me via private message for my postal adress and said that she will send me a gift. I said she does not have to because I she would need to send the mail from Vietnam to Germany but she wanted to do it anyway.

As said I got the mail and I want to show you all this beautiful gift which made me very happy. I not only got a handwritten letter, I got a picture frame too. A beautiful Vietnam related picture frame. I am so happy and the cool thing is that I some weeks ago planed to get picture frames but did forget to buy some. Now I have at least one beautiful picture frame already and I did hang it up in my kitchen near the fridge which means I can enjoy the picture every day…

What do you say? Do you like the picture frame from Vietnam too?

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