French Bulldog Snapshot And A Short Story

Today I noticed a friend’s name and the German word “Waschmaschine” (washing machine) when I pulled down the notification screen on my phone. It was a WhatsApp notification and without opening it, I knew what it might be about. I thought “No, please, let me be wrong” when I opened WhatsApp but yes, it was exactly that, a friend asking me if I can help him to get a washing machine from the store and carry it up to his new apartment. We helped him last week to move. I don’t have issues to help friends carrying things but honestly, … Continue reading French Bulldog Snapshot And A Short Story

Dinner With Friends

This week I went out for dinner with friends. I wish I would have appropriate photos for the post but the food, the talks with my friends and the whole evening was so great that I even forgot to photograph the delicious meals with my phone. That’s extremely uncommon because I am one of those lunatics who shoots pictures of anything and everything. But even without showing you photos of the meals we ate, I want to talk about the day anyway as I liked it a lot. I am not exactly the person that goes often into restaurants, but … Continue reading Dinner With Friends

Daily Prompt: Something So Strong

Todays Daily Prompt topic is “best friends” as it seems. They write: “Tell us the origin story of your best friend. How did you become friends? What is it that keeps your friendship rockin’ after all these years?”. Well, first I would say that I not only have one best friend. I rather would say it in plural. I found my “best friends” a long time ago. We grown up together in a very rough neighborhood and maybe this alone made our friendship pretty strong. We experienced a lot of shit to be honest and learned early what solidarity means. … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Something So Strong

You Need A Null Tolerance Policy To Create A Non-Toxic Community Without Sexism And Gender Drama

I have read a blog post about girl gamers on another blog and it inspired me to write about that topic as well as I have something to say about it too. There are that kind of males who criticize “gamer girls” simply due to the reason that they think “girls traditionally do not play games” and some go so far that they think if they do, then to flirt with males, but that is wrong. I have experienced this in the past as well in our guilds and clans, and we really had to sort out the wrong people … Continue reading You Need A Null Tolerance Policy To Create A Non-Toxic Community Without Sexism And Gender Drama

A Gift from Vietnam

The mailman did ring on the door few days ago. I got a mail from Vietnam and the postman looked on the mail and astonished said “Woow looks like it was three weeks underway!”. I just answered “Cool… I guess the mail comes from a friend in Vietnam”. As background I need to tell you that I have an active account on a penpal related website called InterPals. It´s a website where you can find penpals and new friends from all around the world, incase you are interested in cultural exchange. If so, I really can suggest this website. Some … Continue reading A Gift from Vietnam