Daily Prompt: Something So Strong

Todays Daily Prompt topic is “best friends” as it seems. They write: “Tell us the origin story of your best friend. How did you become friends? What is it that keeps your friendship rockin’ after all these years?”.

Well, first I would say that I not only have one best friend. I rather would say it in plural. I found my “best friends” a long time ago. We grown up together in a very rough neighborhood and maybe this alone made our friendship pretty strong. We experienced a lot of shit to be honest and learned early what solidarity means. But we always knew how to get around bad things and we had a lot of fun, really. We went through the bad and through the good, I would say.

I always knew which person I would call “best friend” as I met hundreds of people and there were also people I would call “back-stabber”. I think most of us learned early what friendship means. Friendship is not when people follow you in good times. Friendship is if people follow you in good and bad times. That is true friendship in my opinion. I today still meet a handful out of hundred people I met. I wouldn´t call only one of them a best friend, I call them all best friends in plural as said. It is a nice circle of people and I am happy to have them in my life.

What keeps our friendship rocking’ after all the years? We respect each other. We all also have our own (little) idiosyncrasies but we respect each other even with them. As we are mature now, we all need free space and we respect that too. We meet each other regularly but we don´t besiege each other every day like we did when we were younger. Apart from that, we all didn´t grow up. We are still crazy enough to have a lot of fun and we show this regularly with impulsive ideas. Our characters still fit pretty much together as in the old times. If we go drink a beer or a whisky, our meeting will probably not end before the morning of the next day. But as said, today regularly means just about every two months a party. But that does not mean that we wouldn´t meet each other due to other reasons like wandering through the city, going shopping together and so on. Apart from this, we do also play computer games together and we talk via voice chat while doing this.

Our friendship is since a long time strong and that is probably the reason why I have problems to define what made our friendship strong. I think there were many reasons. You can´t put any of the reasons in a bucket. I would probably need to write down happenings of the last decades. But apart from the fact that this is not possible as I would need a separate blog for this, there is also one rule… What we experienced together, will belong in our heads. There are exceptions but most of it is top-secret! 🙂

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