Here is a random photo of a person doing his fitness regime on a bike. I saw many cyclists during my time in Reinfeld. No wonder, it’s a nice place with beautiful nature and great for many outdoor activities. As I mentioned in the past, it’s a bit difficult to do people photography in Germany but sometimes I take people’s photos anyway, mostly in a way that I don’t invade their privacy. That does mean I don’t take photos of their faces unless they give me permission. Exceptions are also if I photograph public places and people are in the … Continue reading Cyclist

Too Old For This

Last weekend I was invited to a party and barbecue. Some old friends or acquaintances planned this a month ago and asked if I would like to come too. I don’t hang around with them often, because I have other friends. But some of them wanted to go there too because of holidays, boredom and seeing old faces again. It took a while until I was persuaded because the host is known to make no jokes when it’s about doing a party, which means purchasing too many alcoholic beverages. I barely still drink, maybe one or two times a year … Continue reading Too Old For This

Helping Hand

I am not very religious, but that doesn’t exclude to be a help or to do good things. I often helped people in my life, on my own ways, and with my possibilities. I think I learned this from my mother. She always walked with opened eyes through her life, and where others looked away, she offered help. Sometimes it’s about tiny things, other times your help matters a lot. You definitely can’t save everyone and the whole world, but you can contribute by noticing the things that happen around you. It’s impossible to write it all down, and it’s … Continue reading Helping Hand

Fishing Near A Bridge

Time flies, the photo above was taken at the beginning of 2015. That was just a few months after I got my first DSLR camera. So, I was still practicing and not quite sure what makes a good scene. But to be honest, I find the scene in the image quite interesting. I do just think that the bridge is a bit too intrusive. Maybe I would have shot the image from a better angle today, but that’s what photography is about, experimenting, discovering, improving and getting your own style. The person on the right was quite blurry and it … Continue reading Fishing Near A Bridge