Fishing Near A Bridge

people photography - fishing near the bridge

Time flies, the photo above was taken at the beginning of 2015. That was just a few months after I got my first DSLR camera. So, I was still practicing and not quite sure what makes a good scene. But to be honest, I find the scene in the image quite interesting. I do just think that the bridge is a bit too intrusive. Maybe I would have shot the image from a better angle today, but that’s what photography is about, experimenting, discovering, improving and getting your own style. The person on the right was quite blurry and it was hard to fix so that I decided to make it black and white. Many of you know this already, apart from the fact that black and white images are very appealing, it’s also a nice way to hide some flaws like overexposure, blurriness and so on.

I usually don’t do a lot of people or street photography nor do I release these photos very often. If at all, I do take personal photos for family and friends. The laws are a bit difficult for people photographers in Germany. But I think the image above could go through, or is at least legal gray area since it’s a public place and you could argue that I didn’t take a photo of an individual but a public spot. It could be that courts would still disagree with me, but I personally think that I didn’t make anyone become the main subject, I’ve seen it as a scene where people hang out. If I would want to photograph someones face, like a portrait, I’d definitely ask for permission because I would demand the same. Yes, as mentioned in the other post, we Germans value our privacy a lot. For photographers, the whole case is of course a really brutal dichotomy. I don’t like to be photographed either, but I definitely would like to take portraits of strangers, and I would if that would be less of a problem here.

2 thoughts on “Fishing Near A Bridge

  1. You can’t really see the faces of the fishermen that clearly so I don’t feel you have invaded their privacy and they are in a public space. I’d agree about the bridge. I do love bridges and other structures but this photo was meant to be about the fishing wasn’t it so it is a little distracting but I still like the picture.

    1. Yes. If I would have shot this in a street with people, it would be allowed. So, I don’t think it’s different in this picture… it’s just not a street, but another public place.

      It’s funny.. when you go back to your oldest photos, you often discover how you pay a lot more attention to framing the image right today. Definitely would have been concerned about the bridge in the background today, but back then I was just happy to press the shutter button 🙂

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