Fishing Near A Bridge

Time flies, the photo above was taken at the beginning of 2015. That was just a few months after I got my first DSLR camera. So, I was still practicing and not quite sure what makes a good scene. But to be honest, I find the scene in the image quite interesting. I do just think that the bridge is a bit too intrusive. Maybe I would have shot the image from a better angle today, but that’s what photography is about, experimenting, discovering, improving and getting your own style. The person on the right was quite blurry and it … Continue reading Fishing Near A Bridge

Reinfeld Nature in Black and White

I still have tons of photos of my time in Reinfeld. On the photo you see the large pond they have. It’s not a river, it’s really a pond. Once in a year they literally pull the plug and dry the pond out. No joke, they have small canals and water mills to do it. On that way they catch all the big fishes. That’s quite effective, huh? I’ve seen that with the smaller ponds surrounding it, but I’ve heard they do it with the large one too. I think it often happens in October. Continue reading Reinfeld Nature in Black and White

My Opinion About People And Street Photography In Germany

I don’t take much photos of people, although I would like to experience people photography too, but that is not easy in Germany due to strict privacy protection laws, the portrait rights and the personality rights. I could explain that but in short, in Germany you can not take a picture of a stranger without permission. But it’s more complex than that. There are several exceptions, as far as I know you can for example take pictures of public figures or so-called very important persons if they are in the public, but even with public figures there are situations where … Continue reading My Opinion About People And Street Photography In Germany