Here is a random photo of a person doing his fitness regime on a bike. I saw many cyclists during my time in Reinfeld. No wonder, it’s a nice place with beautiful nature and great for many outdoor activities. As I mentioned in the past, it’s a bit difficult to do people photography in Germany but sometimes I take people’s photos anyway, mostly in a way that I don’t invade their privacy. That does mean I don’t take photos of their faces unless they give me permission. Exceptions are also if I photograph public places and people are in the … Continue reading Cyclist

Fishing Near A Bridge

Time flies, the photo above was taken at the beginning of 2015. That was just a few months after I got my first DSLR camera. So, I was still practicing and not quite sure what makes a good scene. But to be honest, I find the scene in the image quite interesting. I do just think that the bridge is a bit too intrusive. Maybe I would have shot the image from a better angle today, but that’s what photography is about, experimenting, discovering, improving and getting your own style. The person on the right was quite blurry and it … Continue reading Fishing Near A Bridge

My Opinion About People And Street Photography In Germany

I don’t take much photos of people, although I would like to experience people photography too, but that is not easy in Germany due to strict privacy protection laws, the portrait rights and the personality rights. I could explain that but in short, in Germany you can not take a picture of a stranger without permission. But it’s more complex than that. There are several exceptions, as far as I know you can for example take pictures of public figures or so-called very important persons if they are in the public, but even with public figures there are situations where … Continue reading My Opinion About People And Street Photography In Germany