Life Might Be Fragile, But Strong Company Is Not

Life is fragile, so live every day as if it would be your last one. We had a lot of luck in our family in the past, most of the family members have been healthy except for some common health issues that are not necessarily deadly. Ok, I suffered from depression in the past and I had issues with anxiety until I developed strategies to get over it, my grandpa got diabetes, and my grandma does sometimes have issues with her blood pressure, but my point is that nobody was terminal ill. That changed with the shocking brain tumor diagnosis … Continue reading Life Might Be Fragile, But Strong Company Is Not

Our Best Friend Is Called Hope

It’s a long time ago since I participated in any of the WordPress daily prompts, but the recent prompt is about hope, and if there is a word that described our recent weeks and months and this day well, it’s the word hope. As I mentioned already once, my uncle got the diagnosis brain tumor, and until recently it was not clear what kind of tumor it would be. He had a brain surgery where they tried to remove most of it, and the laboratory in another hospital got the samples and we were now waiting for the results, to … Continue reading Our Best Friend Is Called Hope

Daily Prompt: Musical Marker

The Daily Post came up with a nice Daily Prompt today that they call Musical Marker. If you listen and like music, it´s often that you get memories if you listen to song that you heard in a special period of your life. Today, the question is about the music that could remind us of the summer 2014 if we hear the song in the future. I love this question because I love music and listen pretty much music. Usually I would say that it´s hard to answer because I have many favorite songs in certain periods and my taste … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Musical Marker

Daily Prompt: Future Past

Todays question of the Daily Prompt is quite interesting… As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? How close or far are you from that vision? The movie Top Gun with Tom Cruise came out 1986 and I was five years old then. I am not sure if I did see the movie 1986 and I bet I didn´t but I am quite sure that I did see the movie several times when I was seven or eight years old. Apart from the fact that this movie was probably a popular one anyway, I was … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Future Past

Daily Prompt: Great Expectations

Today the Daily Prompt asks “Tell us about one thing (or more) that you promised yourself you’d accomplish by the end of the year. How would you feel once you do? What if you don’t?” and I really can relate to this question. After tons of photos that I took with my point and shoot camera or smartphone, I really would say that I am interested in taking photos. While I do think that you can get great results on this way, I also found out the limitations of the hardware. I have the idea in my mind to buy … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Great Expectations

Daily Prompt: Unexpected Guests

Today the Daily Prompt asks: “You walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next?”. Instead of answering the question, I can really tell a story about unexpected guests. It´s a long time ago and I am talking about a time when me and my friends were round about 20 years old. Another friend did invite us but we arrived too early and he was still not at home. I am not sure why we did that but a friend said “Look! The … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Unexpected Guests