Daily Prompt: Unexpected Guests

Today the Daily Prompt asks: “You walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next?”.

Instead of answering the question, I can really tell a story about unexpected guests. It´s a long time ago and I am talking about a time when me and my friends were round about 20 years old. Another friend did invite us but we arrived too early and he was still not at home. I am not sure why we did that but a friend said “Look! The window is in tilt position and we could open it! Imagine what kind of face he would make if we sit already in his living room??!!”. I know it was kinda stupid but we really decided with one voice that this would be a funny idea.

We opened his window, a friend did access the living room through the window and went to the floor to open us the main door. We all did go in then, placed our alcoholic drinks on his table and waited. Believe me… a half hour later our friend arrived and he watched shocked into his living room, while we did great him as “Common, come in, sit down and take a beer!”. He really answered something like “What the fuck? How to hell did you came in? Seriously, are you all crazy or what?” but second later he said “Oh man, I really have the craziest circle of friends” and then he took a beer.

He really saw it as a joke and everything was fine and we had a good party. Anyway, today I would say that this was indeed kinda crazy and stupid because everyone has their own area of privacy and you simply shouldn´t break in this area, not even as a joke. I think we were crazy young people and if you are young, you do some crazy things. My circle was really crazy and you never could be sure what to expect next. 😀

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Unexpected Guests

    1. I´d say green eyes but maybe with a slight amount of blue in the background. But I rather would say green to it while some people said I would have green-blue eyes. Why do you ask? 😀

      1. You appear in my dream. You’re tall, bright-color eyes, deep, strong and cold voice and my cat like you. Sorry, this is some kind of disturb.

      2. Ok this is funny 😀 But I am happy that your cat likes my dream character 😀 Tall fits, cold voice maybe too, but strong? I am not sure 😀

  1. Yes, you are right that is the sort of thing very young men would find amusing. Luckily you did it to one of your own friends not to an older friend or relative who might not have been amused at all. I’d be buying new locks for my windows and a burglar alarm I think.

    1. True, but today I can´t laugh about it and I do think it was just yet another awkward and stupid plan when we were young. 😀 I really think we had a nut loose.

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