Daily Prompt: Future Past

Todays question of the Daily Prompt is quite interesting…

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? How close or far are you from that vision?

The movie Top Gun with Tom Cruise came out 1986 and I was five years old then. I am not sure if I did see the movie 1986 and I bet I didn´t but I am quite sure that I did see the movie several times when I was seven or eight years old. Apart from the fact that this movie was probably a popular one anyway, I was a huge fan of this movie too which is why I saw the movie so often when I was a kid.

At that time my friends and me had also those card games that you might know too. The card games that were published with different themes. There were for example card games that contained cards with different cars. I played those card games as a kid with my friends and you could choose a card from your set and then you compared things like cylinder capacity and other values with the car that your friend had chosen. We had some different card themes about ships and what not. Apart from civil aircrafts, I had a card game with military aircrafts as well. We played against each other and compared the aircrafts maximal speed, flying altitude and other values. It was a lot of fun.

Then I had my uncle who was fascinated by RC cars. One day he did take me to the model shop to buy me a RC car too and the box basically contained all components that we had to assemble. My uncle taught me how to assemble the electro parts and so on. The car body was pre-made and the only thing we had to do was to paint it and to put some cool stickers on it. We took our both cars and he showed me a garage and a huge parking place and it was a lot of fun to drive my RC car there and my uncle had his own gasoline model car. Sometimes we damaged our cars and then my uncle and me had to go to the shop again to get new electro or plastic parts.

At that time I also noticed that they sold military aircraft models but I mean the ones that you just assemble and paint later on, to put it in your cabinet as decoration. I was fascinated by military aircrafts as a child as said, and I really wanted to assemble some of the aircrafts. When I remember right, my uncle bought me a Grumman F-14 Tomcat model and we assembled the first one together 1991 I believe. I painted it in desert camouflage as it did fit to the First Gulf War which was an actual conflict at that time. Later I bought my own McDonnell F-4 Phantom II model that I assembled and painted in brown green and a Tornado jet model which I liked because it was also a jet that our German military regularly flew over our German cities.

As I often mentioned on my blog here, I also had computers early in the days when I was a kid. I played a lot of games and also flight simulators. I remember that the first flight simulator I played was a Amiga game that was called Strike Aces or so. I really was excited about this genre and played a lot of flight simulators over the decades and it´s funny how the graphics improved over the time. If you count all I said here together, it´s true, I still know today every single name of any military aircraft (laughing).

Eurofighter Typhoon

Now all this might not answer the question of the Daily Prompt but I will do this now… the point I want to make is that military aircrafts fascinated me so well as kid that I really had the idea to become fighter pilot for the German airforce. Am I a fighter pilot for the German airforce today? No, this dream never came true. While my military physical examination worked out very well, it was still not enough to become fighter pilot. The requirements to become a fighter pilot are quite high. For frogman´s or navy divers too. But apart from that there were a lot of possibilities open in the Bundeswehr but sadly not my childhood dream. But maybe it was a crazy idea anyway. I think my interests about aircrafts inspired me at that time, that´s all. I am not unhappy that I am not a pilot today, hehe. But I do still think that flying is something cool. Years ago in the holidays, we visited an airfield and a friend and me saw a propeller-driven aircraft and a pilot and we asked him if it´s possible to book a short flight. The pilot answered “Yes, this is why I am here” and I paid him. We flew an hour and the pilot showed me some crazy stuff and it was much crazier than driving in a rollercoaster. When we landed, I told my friend “Now you, it´s a hell of fun!” and then he flew. It was a great experience and I would do this again.

So, flying is maybe not my job today but the dream came true partly because of the mentioned flight and the experience which was a hell of fun. I really understand why so many pilots say that flying is freedom. To be over the clouds or even in the clouds, this is truly stunning, especially in a small but fast propeller-driven aircraft where your head is outside of the plane and where you just wear a mask, goggles and a microphone to talk with the pilot. This was so cool! I enjoyed it so much. This was like a dream.


4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Future Past

  1. I’m 50 years old and still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up. As a kid I was always fascinated by technology and wanted to be an electronics engineer. I even took electronics during my first year of college but my lack of advanced math in high school and my late night partying made that too difficult and I gave up rather than go slow and learn the math. Big mistake.

    Later I took computer programming but had a family by then and could only go to school part-time. I eventually got my degree but by the time I graduated much of what I learned was obsolete and ended up toiling in a career I do not like (printing) until even today.

    1. Charles, Electronics and IT technology was always interesting for me too. I tried to get a job in the electronics industry but had not much luck but I had more luck in the IT industry as I worked several times as system administrator and I also repaired computers in IT shops and so until I got a job in another industry. I was flexible but also because I never knew what I really wanted 😀 My mood and my opinion can change often. Another reason is the one that you mentioned… sometimes if you learned in an industry, the knowhow can become obsolete and you need to seek new opportunities.

      I think a lot of people didn´t find their dream jobs. It´s basically doing the things to stay alive or to get money and not more. The child dreams that I mentioned in my article, I am not unhappy that they didn´t came true. But my teenage dreams were much more realistic and it is sometimes sad that I didn´t achieve some of my own goals. With 18 or 20 years, for me friends and party was also much more interesting than trying to achieve huge goals 😀 So, I know what you mean.

      But anyway, thinking about this does not kill me. Yes, I agree… you can always dream. It´s ok and you never know… I knew someone who got me a job in the IT industry in the past… it was luck and I worked there for two years and one of my dreams came true at that time until I lost the job again because the company was bankrupt later. But it showed me that dreams can come true even if it´s only for a short period.

      1. Dennis, I am glad that you are not unhappy. I am also not unhappy about my life choices. I did what I had to do. My life is good now and I have even talked to my boss about changing my job. I now am helping the company with social media, which I find rewarding, as well as doing my regular job. I was also able to negotiate longer hours but a four day work week instead of five.

      2. This is cool Charles. Yep, I think happyness is not only defined by things like a perfect job. Not everything has to be perfect to become happy. There is so much more that can make us happy and that is the case for us as it seems. In the case of a job you can fine-tune something to make it more interesting, I agree.. had this happen to me too in the past. It´s great that you got some interesting additional tasks that you like. Social media fits to you.. I always thought that the best bet for a companies social media tasks, is a blogger or any other person that knows a lot about the internet and the channels there. Im pretty sure that you are a big help. Also good that you was able to set a good schedule and a four work weeks sounds fine. You arranged with the job and this is cool but also nice that your boss is open for ideas. 🙂

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