You Can Get Battlefield 3 For Free Until June 3 And You Can Keep It…

BF3 RPG Screenshot

Electronics Arts is running a marketing campaign called “On the House”. In the past they offered already Dead Space for free for a short period and they still do offer Plants vs Zombies for free. But now they come up with a new marketing explosion. They offer you to download Battlefield 3 for free until June 3 and the good thing is that you can keep the game once you added it to your Origin account for free. You simply should do it until June 3, otherwise you will be too late to take the gift.

So, head over to EA Origin and create an account if you still don´t have one and then grab BF3 for free and add it to your account to enjoy the game.

This is really a nice gift by Electronic Arts and there are still many Battlefield 3 servers and players so that it is totally worth to take this gift. If you didn´t play Battlefield 3 until today, it´s time to do so!

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