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Battlefield 5 Beta Domain Bought By EA

There were rumors that Electronic Arts bought a new domain name for the Battlefield 5 Beta. The rumors came from a user of the NeoGAF forums. But maybe we shouldn´t […]

Do You Want Battlefield 4 Ringtones?

DICE published an article on their Batttlefield 4 blog and they published some Battlefield 4 related ringtones as part of the community appreciation month. The ringtones are hosted on soundcloud […]

DICE: BF4 Balancing Poll

It´s no secret that BF4 is completely unbalanced. Some of my friends are pretty pissed about this fact but I told them that it is after all the trouble better […]

Battlefield 4 PC Update Dec 16

DICE just released another Battlefield 4 update for the PC version. It´s the Dec 16 BF4 PC Update. Patch Notes for the Dec 16 update: -Fix for a crash that […]

Battlefield 4 Dec 3 Update out…

Electronic Arts and DICE have released a new update for Battlefield 4 on Dec 3. A DICE moderator states that some issues have been addressed and solved. Here are the […]