Battlefield 5 Beta Domain Bought By EA

There were rumors that Electronic Arts bought a new domain name for the Battlefield 5 Beta. The rumors came from a user of the NeoGAF forums. But maybe we shouldn´t call it rumors as it is not wrong that EA bought the domain. But it´s questionable if the intention was to link the domain to an upcoming Battlefield 5 beta website.

The mentioned domain ( was a scam and fake site since January and it might be that EA took the domain to prevent that another fraudulent person would register the domain again. The intention could be indeed to stop the fraud, while it´s worth to mention that a fraudster could just register another domain, however it would probably be a fresh domain that wouldn´t rank that well as the mentioned one. There is no official statement about the bought up domain, so that it is pure speculation if EA wants to reserve the domain for the Battlefield 5 Beta or if they did it to prevent fraud.

The only fact here is that EA definitely bought the domain. You can find that out with a WHOIS request. Just put the domain in the field and also try to compare it with the official website and you will find out the registrar is the same.

The registrar for the mentioned beta domain and most of the EA websites is indeed the company CSC Corporate Domains, INC. which seems to be a company that is specialized on domain protection as they state on their website. They state that they have the tools to enhance the value of brands while combatting the forces that would undermine them. That would fit to the theory of protecting the brand as the mentioned Battlefield 5 beta domain could be used by another fraudster, if the domain would not have been bought up. That means it is absolutely not clear if the domain will ever be used for a Battlefield 5 beta website.

It was absolutely clear that Battlefield 5 rumors would cause a riot in all online forums or social media platforms. Battlefield 4 still leaves much to be desired and most customers are still not happy with the quality of Battlefield 4. The news that a Battlefield 5 beta could start anytime soon, would understandably cause people to get in rage, considering that BF 4 is not even without problems until this day.

It might be that DICE is working already on Battlefield 5 but there are also rumors that Visceral Games (Responsible for Dead Space) will be the developers of the next Battlefield game, which could be a police themed game according to Polygon.

So, long article here but short message… nothing is known yet about Battlefield 5 or a Battlefield 5 beta.

3 thoughts on “Battlefield 5 Beta Domain Bought By EA

    1. I think they only want to protect their brand as a fraudster did register the domain since January. It probably doesn´t mean that there will be already a Battlefield 5 beta anytime soon. If so, it would be really a blow to the neck for all BF4 users, considering that BF4 is still full of issues. 😀

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