Late but… Microsoft MS-DOS Is Now Open Source

I really have nice memories when I think about MS-DOS. Not that it is the first operating system I saw but it is an operating system that did escort me through my teenage. I remember when I sold my Amiga computer to get a PC. And at that time I had to learn about MS-DOS and I remind that I later installed the Norton Commander and this tool gave me a much better usability, while managing folders, installations and so on. However, I had to learn MS-DOS commands before and I did so.

MS-DOS stands for Microsoft Disk Operating System and it was the main operating system from the 1980s to the 1990s. MS-DOS was not GUI based, which means it had no real graphical user interface, it was simply a black screen where you could enter commands to tell your computer what you want to do. MS-DOS became outdated when Microsoft released the first Windows products which came with a graphical user interface (GUI) as we know it today. It might be that the first GUIs didn´t look that beautiful as we know it from modern operating systems like Windows 7, but everything will be improved over time and that was not different in the history of Microsoft´s operating systems.

But now to the news. Even if it´s quite late, Microsoft finally did decide to release the code of MS-DOS to the public, which means MS-DOS is now open source and free. The old OS is already outdated since a lot of years and it is indeed a good question, why they made it open source so late. Anyway, it´s done now.

It´s basically computer history and it might not be a big news for some. For others like me, it is one. What came first to my mind, was the idea to install it on one of my old notebooks that didn´t have a purpose anymore. Right it´s nostalgia, it´s mainly playing and watching back into time then. But it might be fun and why not get some retro feeling?

Here is by the way the Microsoft announcement about the open source MS-DOS. And here you can read a little bit more about MS-DOS, in case you are interested.

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