Some Ideas That Will Help You To Find A Domain Name

Introduction Some time ago I had the idea to create a second blog, a pure technology related blog. I am still owner of the domain but didn’t start to work on this blog as my personal blog here keeps me busy and I couldn’t get used to the idea to manage two blogs at once. But the idea is still not off the table and that is the reason why I still didn’t cancel the domain. At that time, I wanted to think out a good domain name, and I did put a little bit more efforts into it. researched … Continue reading Some Ideas That Will Help You To Find A Domain Name

Battlefield 5 Beta Domain Bought By EA

There were rumors that Electronic Arts bought a new domain name for the Battlefield 5 Beta. The rumors came from a user of the NeoGAF forums. But maybe we shouldn´t call it rumors as it is not wrong that EA bought the domain. But it´s questionable if the intention was to link the domain to an upcoming Battlefield 5 beta website. The mentioned domain ( was a scam and fake site since January and it might be that EA took the domain to prevent that another fraudulent person would register the domain again. The intention could be indeed to stop … Continue reading Battlefield 5 Beta Domain Bought By EA

I´ve done it… bought a new domain for a new blog project

It might be a little bit quieter on this blog here over the next days. I had this dream to create a pure technology and gaming blog but I was not sure. But then I thought “Why not? It does not cost too much to rent a domain!” and did it. The new blog is called Tech Feeling. I think I mentioned it already. This will not harm this blog here. I mean I will still write articles for my diary blog. This blog here is dear to my heart. There will be still photos of my cat or other … Continue reading I´ve done it… bought a new domain for a new blog project

New Email For Your Blog

I always wondered if it is possible to get an own email address for the domain purchased via as my blog is hosted there and as I bought my domain there too. I tweaked some things for my blog last days and that means I went through the whole dashboard of WordPress. While I do think that I am already a little bit experienced, it´s funny that I always find new stuff. Today I found out that it is possible to forward emails with and that means that you can set up email addresses that contain the custom … Continue reading New Email For Your Blog

A Domain Name for my Blog :)

Today I purchased a domain name in the store. I remember back when I started my first blogpost here and didn´t even know why I did. Looks like I just wanted to have a place where I can write down some future thoughts and it seems that I wanted to use the blog also to improve my english because I am german. But when I look back to the past months, it seems that I did write more then initially planed. I discovered not only blogging as a new interesting activity, I discovered photography as a new hobby and … Continue reading A Domain Name for my Blog 🙂