Inspiring Strategies To Find New Domain Names…

As I mentioned, I plan to set up another blog but I am not sure yet as it is still just planning. So, I would say I just mind map at the moment and this can really be a lot of fun. If I really start another blog, then I will try it out in a particular niche and that would be the plan as I have already a general blog here. I was looking for a domain name and I found some funny tools which inspire me a lot to think out names.

You can for example search for words that start with particular letters or a sequence of letters. Here is an example of words that start with “i”. Or take this example of words that start with “re”. But you can put anything in the search box over there to get word ideas. But you can also find a tool there that allows you to search for words that contain a particular sequence of letters. Here is an example of words that contain “like”. I do think it is really inspiring and funny to play with it! You might want to combine some of your findings.

Then there is another tool called Übersuggest. Really fun to play with! It is basically a keyword suggestion tool. You can find keyword ideas there but you can also use it to get inspired for domain names or word combinations. I think they fetch the data from Google´s autocomplete database. The only problem is that they work on their system at the moment so that it might not work correctly at the moment. But I think you could even use the Google search to get ideas as Google will suggest you phrases.

Talking about Google there is also the option to log in to the Google Keyword Planner. You will need a Google account. You can search for words and keyword phrases there and the Keyword Planner will give you some new and nice ideas of keywords or phrases. You can obtain lots of different ideas for names over there and you can also see some performance data for those keywords.

There also might be this situation where you find a great word or phrase but the domain names are already taken. Looking for synonyms can inspire a lot. Here is for example a site where you can ask for synonyms. The word “instinct” could for example be easily replaced with the word “feeling” or “sense”. Try this tool to find synonyms to different words. It might inspire you too!

Indeed, it is always advised to proof if your ideas are already taken. You don´t want to end up having a domain like “” when there exists already a domain called “” for example. Always research a little bit more with help of Google or you could also use one of the tools several provider offer you to proof if a particular domain name is still free or already taken. But be careful where you do it as some webmaster reported that there are shady providers out there who might steal you domain in front of your eyes. Not sure if this is true, but I could imagine that it is. Do the domain request only on reputable services you trust!

I bet there are many more methods to find inspiration for new domain names. What are your ideas?

3 thoughts on “Inspiring Strategies To Find New Domain Names…

    1. I am glad you like the tips. Finding the right domain can still be challenging, but the brainstorming can also be fun. I am in the process at the moment to find a new name, it’ll take me some time, because I want to do it right. Take your time too, if you are in the process 🙂

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