5 Advantages Which Bloggers Of The WordPress Community Have

Today I realized how many advantages I really have with my blog hosted here on Automattic´s wordpress.com cloud and some of the benefits are really positively blatant. I was researching the days and I have read a lot about different web hosts just because I think about starting another project and another blog. No, that does not mean that I will move this blog here and it also does not mean that I stop writing here. This blog will remain but I realized that if I really would create another blog yet again, then I would do it on the WordPress cloud again. Here is why…

1. There are several web hosting companies out there and they promise unlimited bandwidth in their hosting plans, but in fact they have a bandwidth limit and if you exceed it, you will be shut down. But here on WordPress one of your articles could go viral with millions of views and your account and your blog would be still ok. There is not something like a limit here and that means our blogs can handle viral traffic.

2. We are connected here, literally. We can follow each other through the WordPress cloud and we can visit each other through the cool WordPress Reader. We can like articles and comment on our posts, just because we have the same home. And our home is full of creative and interesting people.

3. We have everything we need on board. Nice themes, cool widgets, statistics an awesome dashboard where we can manage our blog and where we can heck out new articles. We don´t have to install any plug-ins because they did it already for us. We only need to choose what we want to activate on our blog. Talking about search engine optimization, the technically part is already perfect as well.

4. We don´t need to install updates and our blog is already up to date and secure on it´s own. We don´t need to care about these aspects. And apart from that we could purchase a domain name or extra storage or other enhancements with just a few clicks.

5. If we like, we can even earn some money with our blogs. Reputable affiliate links are allowed but the word reputable should be taken very serious here! And then there is also WordAds, if you didn´t know it yet.

Five strong points I realized just yet. Which web hosting company can offer me this without too high costs? That´s the point! If I ever create yet another blog, I will do it here again. Automattic does offer a very good place for us all with WordPress. There are many strong points I noticed now. There are at least more benefits than I thought!

How do you think?

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