New Email For Your Blog

I always wondered if it is possible to get an own email address for the domain purchased via as my blog is hosted there and as I bought my domain there too. I tweaked some things for my blog last days and that means I went through the whole dashboard of WordPress. While I do think that I am already a little bit experienced, it´s funny that I always find new stuff.

Today I found out that it is possible to forward emails with and that means that you can set up email addresses that contain the custom domain name of your blog. You can even use different email hosts with your custom domain and that was basically what I wanted to do.

If you don´t really want to pay for the new email address which contains your custom domain name, then Zoho Mail is a good choice. They do offer some nifty features with their free account which they call “lite account”. But to be honest, the lite account contains already everything you will need which is why I say that this is an outstanding email host. What you get for free with the lite account… 5 mailboxes (users) with no ads. That means you can connect 5 different email accounts to your custom domain (for example: admin@yourblogdomainname or support@yourblogdomainname or any other variations). In the lite version, there is one domain allowed and if you just want to connect it with your blog, then it is simply enough. For the rest, they do offer 5GB mail storage per user and that means you can get 25GB mail storage if you connected 5 mail users to your custom domain. Additionally I can say that you can set up a lot of stuff. You can for example set up IMAP mail accounts with Zoho which is just great. Nothing more to add… after testing it, I´d say it´s an great email host.

Here is a guide how to connect your Zoho emails with your custom domain. If you like, you can also fetch your Zoho emails with Mozilla Thunderbird nevermind if you want to use Zoho IMAP or Zoho POP.

I went through all that and my blog has now an email address which actually contains the name of my domain. I can retrieve all the mails with Mozilla Thunderbird and I can also send from there with my new blog email. That is what I wanted! Everything perfect now.

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