Cringeworthy Scam Attempts

Scam emails are always cringeworthy and amusing. So, recently there are more and more scammers targeting domain owners. Seriously, that’s hilarious! Who is doing that? I mean, you must be an idiot if you think a webmaster would fall for a scam email. Whoever is sending out these emails, it must be an extremely dim person, or I am wrong and some people really fall for it. Most often I don’t even get scam emails as they land in the spam folder, but sometimes a few come through but I delete them right away, unless they are way too funny. … Continue reading Cringeworthy Scam Attempts

New Email For Your Blog

I always wondered if it is possible to get an own email address for the domain purchased via as my blog is hosted there and as I bought my domain there too. I tweaked some things for my blog last days and that means I went through the whole dashboard of WordPress. While I do think that I am already a little bit experienced, it´s funny that I always find new stuff. Today I found out that it is possible to forward emails with and that means that you can set up email addresses that contain the custom … Continue reading New Email For Your Blog

Calling NSA for Email Recovery

I remember when I created a funny meme about the NSA and CIA related to the PRISM affair a while ago. But now there is one person who thought to make a nice joke and he was really calling the NSA. It´s an iranian person living in Amsterdam. Basically he is calling the NSA for Email recovery but I do not want to tell you too much. Just look the video on YouTube: Continue reading Calling NSA for Email Recovery

Modern Communication, Internet and the impact on the Postal Branch and on us all.

Today I found a new interesting Blog called Talinorfali. To be true I didn´t read the whole Blog as I just know the Blog since one or two hours. However after a sneak peek and reading four Blogposts there I would like to suggest reading there. Here are the Articles I did read so far and which are as interesting declared for myself: – Today’s Society and What has become of it… – The Importance of Saying “Thank You” – How Social Networking & Communication Has Changed The World. Really really go there if you like to think and philosophize about Life. Its … Continue reading Modern Communication, Internet and the impact on the Postal Branch and on us all.