Cringeworthy Scam Attempts

Scam emails are always cringeworthy and amusing. So, recently there are more and more scammers targeting domain owners. Seriously, that’s hilarious! Who is doing that? I mean, you must be an idiot if you think a webmaster would fall for a scam email. Whoever is sending out these emails, it must be an extremely dim person, or I am wrong and some people really fall for it. Most often I don’t even get scam emails as they land in the spam folder, but sometimes a few come through but I delete them right away, unless they are way too funny.

Over the last years scam attempts became less and less dangerous, mainly because spam filters work well today, but even if one gets through, you get the impression that scammers are the least creative persons on the planet. They don’t even try to be successful with their scams. How is it a good idea to choose domain owners as potential victims, a group of people where there is a sure-fire chance that the email recipient is extremely well experienced with anything related to domains, website, content creation, marketing and the web in general? That’s just stupid, really stupid. Here is a recent scam email that I got, it’s so amusing…


Back then you had the funny Nigerian Princes, today you have Domains Cops or other cringeworthy stories. It’s good that spam protection works so well today, but a bit more mails could come through because they are pure entertainment and amusing.

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