Scammers And Fake Listings On Ebay

There are so many frauds going on in the internet, and that is just sad because it makes the experience of using certain services worse for everyone. Once in a while I do find blatant scams, and recently it happened on Ebay again. I purchased a new guitar recently (not on Ebay) and I am happy with it, but I still have some other guitars on my radar if the price would be right. Of course, Ebay is a great place to find bargains, and especially with guitars we’re currently in a buyers market, which means you really could find … Continue reading Scammers And Fake Listings On Ebay

Cringeworthy Scam Attempts

Scam emails are always cringeworthy and amusing. So, recently there are more and more scammers targeting domain owners. Seriously, that’s hilarious! Who is doing that? I mean, you must be an idiot if you think a webmaster would fall for a scam email. Whoever is sending out these emails, it must be an extremely dim person, or I am wrong and some people really fall for it. Most often I don’t even get scam emails as they land in the spam folder, but sometimes a few come through but I delete them right away, unless they are way too funny. … Continue reading Cringeworthy Scam Attempts