That’s Me Right Now

I actually wanted to share any good-looking photo from my library because I didn’t update my blog a lot over the last weeks. But then I found the picture you can see in this post, it’s not exactly one of the picture that I find beautiful, but I share this now for another reason. This picture was shot during Christmas season, I saw this polar bear teddy in a mall and I shot some photos because why not. But I am posting this right now because the bear in the picture perfectly describes me right now. I think that’s exactly … Continue reading That’s Me Right Now

Cringeworthy Scam Attempts

Scam emails are always cringeworthy and amusing. So, recently there are more and more scammers targeting domain owners. Seriously, that’s hilarious! Who is doing that? I mean, you must be an idiot if you think a webmaster would fall for a scam email. Whoever is sending out these emails, it must be an extremely dim person, or I am wrong and some people really fall for it. Most often I don’t even get scam emails as they land in the spam folder, but sometimes a few come through but I delete them right away, unless they are way too funny. … Continue reading Cringeworthy Scam Attempts