I´ve done it… bought a new domain for a new blog project

It might be a little bit quieter on this blog here over the next days. I had this dream to create a pure technology and gaming blog but I was not sure. But then I thought “Why not? It does not cost too much to rent a domain!” and did it. The new blog is called Tech Feeling.

I think I mentioned it already. This will not harm this blog here. I mean I will still write articles for my diary blog. This blog here is dear to my heart. There will be still photos of my cat or other interesting photos I took with my smartphone. And for sure as always some boring thoughts written do my photos.

It is rather so that I noticed that I am much more informed that I thought when it comes to technology news. This is due to the reason that I read about technology every day and that I also have subscribed to many technology related services and so on. And well, I play a lot with technology things. The new blog is that place where I can put all the information’s and thoughts about this subject in.

It might be that I will cross share articles between both blogs. I am not sure but I guess I will. But as said I simply wanted again a new domain where I can write down some stuff.

It might be a little bit quieter on this blog here due to the fact that I have to edit and set up a lot of things on the other blog. And I also want to write a few articles over there to have a small amount of articles for the readers that might come over time. But you will here from me on the blog here too. My photos and private stories won´t fit to the other blog niche, so that I will still put these thoughts down here.

Now, I am not sure which theme I will use over there. I am happy with the Expound same which I activated there but there are some things I am not happy with. Some could be fixed with CSS editing, if I rent the WordPress CSS upgrade. But I am not sure yet. I dislike the fact that the Expound theme does not have a fixed layout. There might be many design changes or decisions over the next days. I also want to create a logo and so on. It will take some time. That´s why it will be a little bit quieter here, maybe… as always maybe! 🙂

8 thoughts on “I´ve done it… bought a new domain for a new blog project

  1. Oh, sorry I was still thinking but you have already decided. “Tech Feeling” sounds good. One of my favorite names in the list. Tech or technology sounds very squarish (to me) but this name softens up such an image.

    Good luck with the new blog.

    1. No problem Sato. But thanks that you wanted to help and that you give feedback here. I had a lot of answers from friends and family and got an impression which names are hot. I wanted to wait for some more answers but then I was in a creative mood to set some things up and ended in the domain store 😀 Techfeeling got many votes, good that it was your favorite too.

      Agree with your opinion about the word tech or technology alone. But it´s a good keyword for google and a good keyword to descripe the subject of the new blog. I had even more ideas but there are so many domains assigned already. Really hard to find names or keyword combinations that are still free. That was a lot of headache.

      Techfeeling was then most favorited by friends and family. It was also my favorite. Not too long, maybe even memorable, with a hidden message that could be seen like “technology is a feeling” or “technology is a lifestyle”. I think that is not too bad, given that so many domains are already taken. I think I am happy with the name.

      Thanks for your opinion Sato and thanks that you wanted to help. My creative mood did just drive me to an early decision. I got the impression that I would not do it too wrong with this name. 🙂

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