I Am Experimenting A Little Bit With My Other Tech Blog

Some of you know that I did buy a domain for a tech blog some time ago because I thought that it wouldn´t be a good idea to write about too much interests on this blog here. But then I did stop to work on the newer tech blog domain because I felt uncomfortable to have more than one blog.

But yesterday I was a little bit bored and I thought I give the domain a second chance. I started to experiment with the usual stuff like setting up the template and widgets, I also syndicated just a few of the articles from this blog and other sources to get an impression how it would look like over there. And then I wrote two new articles there too. It still feels like “Uh, should I really work on two blogs?” but the main idea is that the domain does not cost that much yearly seen and I can still put the focus on my general blog here. I don´t even have to dive deep into the new blog. I mean I simply shouldn´t stress myself. I could just write in the tech blog whenever I feel to do so. Even if I post once a week or once a month over there, as long as I have the domain rented anyway, it doesn´t matter and who knows, maybe it´ll be fun? I am not sure, but now this blog is public again for experimental reasons.

I wont post the URL yet again, since I really don´t know how far I will go with the tech blog, which means I wouldn´t suggest to follow my other blog yet because it´s still an experiment for myself. If I really dive deeper into the other blog, I will let you know when the time has come, but as said, it might be that it does not happen. But then I could at least syndicate some of my latest technology articles from this blog to the other one. Let´s see.

3 thoughts on “I Am Experimenting A Little Bit With My Other Tech Blog

  1. I think a tech-only blog would be good, keeping this one for more personal stuff. And yes, as tech posts are naturally gonna be detailed and exclusive, a monthly good quality in-depth post would be interesting.

    1. Yes the idea was to split the topics a little bit up. But I am not sure how far I will go. I know I have some followers who seems to have no problem that I blog about tech, games, photos and personal stuff in a mix on this blog here… but I know it could annoy some other people.

      But since this blog here is more of a photo blog, I could still post all graphics related tech tutorials here or camera related articles. And maybe the game or smartphone related news on the other blog.

      I am not sure. I think focus will be still here on this blog. I just experiment with the other one at the moment. 🙂

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